7 Tips and Ways to prevent choking in babies


Ways to prevent choking in babies

Here are ways to prevent choking in babies. Since prevention is better than cure and babies can choke just on about anything from small bits of food, household items, or small toys.

Though you can manage a choking infant by laying the infant face down, along your forearm, and using your thigh or lap for support. Then hold the infant's chest in your hand and the jaw with your fingers. Point the infant's head downward, lower than the body. And then Give up to 5 quick, forceful blows between the infant's shoulder blades. Use the palm of your free hand.

Above are ways to give first aid to babies that are already choking. The tips below will help in preventing your baby from choking in the first place.


1. Keep nut or seeds Away from kids.

Kids want to reach out for any objects in their surroundings. When they pick up seeds & whole nuts like groundnuts or any seed-like objects, they tend to put them straight in their mouth to swallow. Keep such objects far away from their reach.


2. Don't feed when they cry or laugh

A child's airway is open when crying or laughing. If you feed them at this time, part of the food may enter their windpipe & they'll start to choke. What to do is wait until they stop laughing or calm them down from crying before feeding them.


3. Cut foods into smaller pieces.

Always Cut foods like meat, cake, etc, into bite-sized pieces before feeding a child. This will reduce the risk of choking. The smaller the piece of food, the better a child could chew or swallow the food without choking.

4. Always Keep their Mouth Clear

You notice your kid has an object in their mouth or is chewing on something you don't know exactly what it is. Quickly open their mouth & check what it is & remove it. Keeping a baby's mouth clean is a critical way of preventing choking.

5. Always be in Conrol

When you're busy or need a toddler to sit alone for a while, sit them in a safe high chair or their baby seat. Don't let them wander about in the room. This will reduce their chances of picking up objects around & putting them into their mouths.

6. Feed them soft food

For some hard foods like vegetables, make sure you cook (steam, roast, or bake) them to soften before feeding your child. A lot of time, kids choke on hard kinds of stuff.

7. Mash or grate foods

Once cooked, softer vegetables like sweet potatoes or plantain need only be mashed with a masher (or just use a fork!), before feeding your child.
Babies have choked to death on several objects like seeds, doritos, beads, peanuts, pebbles & even their foods. Statistically, a child choked to death every 5 days and much of that occurs in kids under 3 years.
So let's take this seriously!

In Summary

1. Keep seeds away

2. Don't feed when they cry or laugh

3. Cut foods into bite sizes

4. Keep mouth clear

5. Sit in a safe high chair

6. Cook foods before feeding

7. Mash or grate foods


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