6 Secret tips to live longer (longevity).

These secret tips to live longer than expected were gathered from a study on the island of Okinawan, Japan, which was estimated to have nearly 740 centenarians in 2006—90 percent of whom were women—out of a population of 1.3 million. This represe…


20 Tips to Stay Young and Hot From Centenarian.

1. Eat healthily and pay attention to your body closely Take time to watch your figure very closely. Those that stay young and hot, do so regularly. If you don’t, no one else will do it for you. So to stay young and hot, eat healthy food, exercis…


15 Things Your Waxer Wishes She Could Tell You

As a seasoned Brazilian waxer with 14 years of experience, I've witnessed a remarkable shift in the perception of Brazilian waxes. Once limited to strippers, dancers, and porn stars, they have now become a mainstream practice embraced by a div…


16 Easy tips to get more likes on Facebook

1. Start with strong social marketing fundamentals When you know what you’re trying to accomplish on social media, all parts of your social media presence benefit. Before scheduling your next Facebook masterpiece, think about how that post contri…

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