10 Ways on How To Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number for free


10 Ways on How To Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number

Have you ever received or missed a call and wondered Who called me from this phone number? There are ways How To Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number for free. Though there are paid subscription services or tools that you can also use to find out who called you with a particular phone number, however, this article is going to focus on ways to find out who called me from this Phone Number for free. Read on...


1. Truecaller

With Truecaller’s reverse phone lookup tool, you can type the caller’s number in the search bar above and find out who called you within seconds! The best part? Truecaller also tells you if the caller is a spammer.

A reverse phone number lookup/ phone number lookup is exactly what it sounds like – a tool that allows users to enter a phone number and find out the name of the person to whom the number belongs! This is the reverse of the traditional, physical phone books where you search for a person’s phone number, hence the name!

Got a call from an unknown number and now you’re wondering “Who called me from this phone number?” And How to Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number for Free? Install the Truecaller app on your phone, problem solve!

And the best part, the App is 100% free!

2. WhatIsThisNumber

Unravel the mystery of unknown callers with WhatIsThisNumber - the ultimate solution for secure and reliable caller identification. This innovative tool provides you with a comprehensive report containing the caller's address, social media profiles, and contact number, simply by entering the unfamiliar number. Highly regarded by both experts and new users, this tool guarantees reliable and efficient results. With access to authentic reports and unlimited data from thousands of public databases, WhatIsThisNumber promises swift and accurate searches for any phone number owner. Trust it to deliver the answers you need.

Key benefits of the website include:

  • Free and unlimited access for all users,
  • a user-friendly interface for effortless navigation, and an extensive and diverse database.
  • Its search results are reliable and accurate, giving you peace of mind when conducting background checks.


  • Lack of options for filtering results.


The best part?

It is free of charge to use.



3. WhoCallsMe

WhoCallsMe is a dynamic platform where users contribute to a vast database of phone numbers associated with telemarketers, scammers, non-profit organizations, charities, and political surveyors. What makes this platform stand out is its clean and uncomplicated interface that provides a hassle-free experience. All it takes to investigate a suspicious number is to simply copy and paste it into the website's dashboard.

Key impressive features include:

  • A web-based reverse phone directory,
  • A one-click profile search,
  • A comprehensive database of reported spam numbers.
  • It also generates extensive reports for thorough investigation.
  • What sets WhoCallsMe apart is its user-friendly design and straightforward interface. Regular updates to the database ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

However, the platform's capabilities are limited to a basic reverse phone directory.

And the best part?

It is Free for users to access and utilize.


4. True People Search

TruePeopleSearch is one of the ultimate solutions for uncovering information on unknown callers. This free and user-friendly search engine is accessible on both web browsers and mobile devices, providing comprehensive details on individuals across the USA.

And the best part?

No registration is necessary to access the results, making it a hassle-free experience for users.

In addition to its convenience, TruePeopleSearch also prioritizes the security and anonymity of its users. With a concealed IP address, all user actions on the site remain untraceable by third parties, ensuring a secure browsing environment. Rest assured, all the information displayed on the site is legally sourced from public databases such as birth records, criminal records, and phone bills.

Key Features: You can effortlessly navigate the site without any technical expertise required.


5. NumLooker

NumLooker is a cutting-edge reverse phone lookup service that unlocks a wealth of information about unknown callers. Discover their full names, criminal history, relatives, friends, education records, social security numbers, and even their online presence - all for free. With efficient result filtering and flexible options, NumLooker makes it effortless to identify individuals with just one click. By utilizing public databases, it swiftly connects you with the owner's details, providing a valuable tool for uncovering unwanted calls from telemarketers and potential scammers.

Some of its key features include a comprehensive database that showcases caller ID, social media profiles, address, location, and phone number details. Stay one step ahead with NumLooker and stay informed about who's on the other end of the line.


6. WhoseNumber.com

With its impressive capacity to gather data from a range of public, state, and federal databases, WhoseNumber undoubtedly sets itself apart as a premier reverse phone lookup site. Its access to a wealth of detailed and precise background information guarantees a useful resource for any phone number search. WhoseNumber offers a straightforward approach, allowing users to easily discover essential details about a caller, including their complete name, age, employment record, and address, among other publicly available information. Simply input the desired phone number in the designated field, click "search," and access a comprehensive report on the caller.

Key Features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Vast Database: Detailed reports sourced from reliable databases.
  • Additional Lookup Services: Explore phone directory services and conduct area code lookups based on phone number or city.

Pros & Cons:


  • High-level security ensures the anonymity of searches.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • Detailed reports on the target phone number's owner.


  • Some information on the website may be perceived as unnecessary.


7. CocoFinder

CocoFinder has long maintained its position as a leading and adored people search platform, earning a reputation for consistently delivering thorough and dependable search results. Utilizing a vast database and reputable sources, its phone number lookup reports offer comprehensive information on the identity and background of callers. Not only is the website optimized for mobile use, but it also boasts advanced filtering options that make the search process effortless and hassle-free for users. Thanks to CocoFinder's efficient system, reports can be generated within minutes and presented in a user-friendly format for quick and easy comprehension.

Key Features:

  • People Finder: Discloses comprehensive information when searching for individuals by name.
  • Background Check: Retrieves basic information, including contact details, identity, and social media profiles.
  • Who Called Me: Identifies unknown cell phone or telephone numbers.
  • Public Records Search: Includes details like addresses, court records, education history, and more.
  • Address Lookup: Provides additional information on a caller's location and property details.


Pros & Cons:


  • Free reverse phone number search.
  • Reports are comprehensive and accurate.
  • Instantly generated search results.



• Limited free trial lookup reports


8. US Phone Search

  • US Phone Search is100% free online tool that provides valuable information about unknown phone numbers.
  • It offers data such as social media profilescontact details, and family records associated with the given number.
  • The service is linked to government agencies and public directories, making it a comprehensive resource.
  • With access to millions of online data sets, it efficiently searches through records to identify:
    • Caller ID
    • Location History
    • Social media accounts

Key Features:

  • Advanced filtering: Helps pinpoint your target person and notifies you of any changes in search results.
  • Personal information: Search unknown numbers to retrieve relevant details.
  • Efficient searches: The regularly updated database covers billions of records across the country.


  • Auto-filters results
  • Free to use
  • Accurate reports
  • Anonymous search


  • No mobile application

Pricing: Completely free!


9. USPhoneBook

USPhoneBook is a valuable tool for searching phone numbers by digitname, and address. It allows you to quickly view profiles of anonymous callers and create detailed reports. The service provides access to billions of public records across the state, ensuring accurate information about both landlines and cell phones.

Key features include:

  • People Lookup
  • Address Lookup
  • Access to public records


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Use at your own risk
  • Regularly updated database


  • USPhoneBook provides information only about US and Canadian phone numbers.

Pricing: Completely free!


10. FastPeopleSearch

FastPeopleSearch allows you to uncover the identity of anyone who has contacted you via calls, texts, or emails. The reverse phone lookup verifies the caller’s identity before you decide to block missed calls or return them. This service helps you avoid unwanted communication from sources like stalkers or telemarketers.

Key features include:

  • Social media contacts and contact information in search reports
  • Details about an individual’s educationaddress, and employment history
  • Convenient display of all data on one screen, saving you time and effort

Other Features:

  1. Reverse Telephone Lookup: Obtain caller information (name, home address, and email) without calling back.
  2. Public Record Search: Easily locate criminal history, employment details, and court records.
  3. Background Checks: Detailed information on education, criminal background, and past employers.
  4. Email Search Tool: Identify email senders and gather relevant information.


  • User-friendly: All information is displayed on one screen for easy use.
  • Database: Enables creation of search reports.
  • Instant Results: Caller information displayed promptly.
  • Free Access: Results are available at no cost.


  • Possible Outdated or Incorrect Information

Pricing: Completely free!

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