10 Conversation Tips and ideas that women enjoy


10 Conversation Tips and ideas that women enjoy

Here are ten ideas for engaging in conversations that can ignite femininity:

1. Demonstrate leadership and prioritize her comfort:

When faced with a situation like being seated at a cold table in a restaurant, confidently suggest a warmer spot for both of you without being overly polite.

You voice this request because you know your date will be cold by the door, so you are unconcerned about being polite versus causing discomfort to your date.  You don't ASK this in the form of "Um...if it's okay, do you think maybe we could possibly..." You don't do this in an obnoxious way, but rather in a confident way that exerts your opinion of what the right thing to do is.

Take charge and prioritize her well-being.


2. Acknowledge gender differences:

Instead of sticking to generic small talk like "What do you think of the weather we've been having?" try, "So what really makes you feel like a woman?"

Such a simple acknowledgment that you and she are of different genders is often a WAY to past where most men are not willing to take the conversation to.  So ask questions that delve into her femininity.  Balancing gender-specific questions with general ones will create a more engaging conversation.


3. Keep it light and fun:

Avoid heavy topics like work, politics, or long-term goals, especially during initial meetings. Focus on creating a fun and pressure-free environment. Steer clear of complaining or bitterness, and encourage positivity. In fact, you can even call that sort of conversation out if SHE starts it.  Tell her you want to hang out with positive people.


4. Ask open-ended questions:

Encourage her to talk about herself by asking questions that require descriptive or opinionated responses. This shows genuine interest and makes her feel valued. Avoid questions with simple "yes" or "no" answers. When she is free to talk about herself, she senses that you care more about her than about impressing her.  When the circumstances are such, women are more likely to utter those magic words, "It's as if you and I have known each other for ten years, not ten minutes."


5. Offer approval from a position of authority:

When appropriate, express approval or admiration for her accomplishments or skills. Avoid the need to agree with everything she says or pretend to like something you don't. Maintaining your own opinions demonstrates confidence and authenticity.

For example, she may say, "I can bake some mean pecan peanut butter oatmeal cookies.  They're my favorite." In response, you wouldn't say "REALLY?!? Pecan peanut butter oatmeal cookies are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TOOOOO!!!!"  Because they're not.  You're would just be saying that in an attempt to shoehorn artificial rapport into the scenario, which would be pathetic. Instead, try, "No kidding?  So you can bake.  I'm proud of you...baking is a lost art and not many women can bake.  "I'm proud of you" is an immensely powerful phrase because it usually it conveys authority.


6. Avoid trying too hard to impress:

Instead of desperately seeking rapport, subtly imply that she should be the one impressing you. Let her feel intrigued by your presence and avoid appearing needy. Intrigue is attractive; neediness is not.

For example, after she talks about baking cookies you may ask, "So...what other kinds of tasty treats do you think you can tempt me with?" Let her answer the question.  If she picks up on the flirtatious nature of it, so be it.


7. Don't be afraid to flirt:

Flirting can be playful and doesn't have to involve explicit sexual comments. Recognize and reciprocate flirtatious signals, as long as both parties are comfortable. Flirting can add excitement and create a gender-charged atmosphere. Women LOVE this.  Rest assured that it's not going to come off as creepy if she has already agreed to be on a date with you and appears to be having fun.


8. Maintain your own opinions and preferences:

It's not necessary to agree with everything she says or likes. Express your own tastes and preferences in a playful manner. Being independent and having your own identity is attractive and shows that you can stand up for yourself and for her. Again, her feeling of comfort and security is a huge part of what triggers in a woman's soul that she has a man in her presence.


9. Incorporate good-natured teasing and banter:

Use light-hearted teasing to create a fun and playful dynamic. Avoid insults or negative comments; instead, focus on creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Teasing can release her natural feminine energy.


10. Address any potential issues directly:

If there's an uncomfortable or unresolved matter, don't shy away from addressing it. Openly communicate and express your thoughts or concerns. This shows honesty and integrity, which can strengthen the connection.


Remember, these suggestions are not universal rules, and context and individual personalities play a significant role in communication. Adapt these ideas to your own unique style and always prioritize respect, consent, and genuine interest in the person you're conversing with. Practice and personal experience will help you refine these skills over time.


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