World's first hydrogen superyacht linked to Bill Gates hits the high seas


World's first hydrogen superyacht

World's first hydrogen superyacht linked to Bill Gates hits the high seas - and the 390-foot boat with two-bedrooms, a gym and offices is on sale for more than $600M.

The world's first hydrogen gas fuel-cell superyacht, long rumored to have been commissioned by billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates, is now officially for sale.

Dubbed Project 821, the 390-foot (119-meter) superyacht is designed to run on 'green' hydrogen, which is produced by by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity.

The luxurious vessel features two bedrooms, a gym, offices and numerous bathrooms for a home away from home feel - the makers designed to mimic an upscale apartment. 

The ostensibly ecologically friendly superyacht has taken over five years to construct from design to completion, with custom additions for the final buyer yet to be made.

While a spate of news reports in 2020 leaked that Feadship and design firm Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design had been commissioned by the billionaire to construct this hydrogen-powered eco-yacht, details verifying the Gates deal remained elusive. 

As one yacht industry trade publication knowingly put it at the time, 'While Sinot has denied Gates is building the concept, it is understood that Gates is in talks to build a new superyacht with an unknown yard.'  

That trade publication, BOAT International, published a statement from Sinot denying any official agreement with Gates for the luxury boat project.

Responding to reports in the Guardian and the Sunday Telegraph, Sinot said, 'Various articles have appeared in international media stating that Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design sold its concept Aqua to Mr. Bill Gates.'

Source: DailyMail

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