Top 10 tips on how to deal with loneliness and feel good fast.


how to deal with loneliness and feel good fast

Do you feel lonely today? Did you know the number one factor in you to easily manifest your desires is your vibration and enthusiasm—your feelings, your mood? Fortunately, there are ways to control your mood, and to entice your feelings to be joyful, radiant, and in turn, attract the joyous experiences you desire. Here you will find 10 ways how to deal with loneliness and feel good fast. Some are very easy, and some take a little thought—but all are very effective at raising your enthusiasm fast.

1. Music.

It is as easy as popping in a CD or turning on the radio, but preferably iPod or most smartphones loaded with your favorite songs. You can find your favorite songs nearly anywhere now.  So download some of your favorite songs and keep them handy.  Pick the uplifting ones—not songs that tend to depress you (i.e. songs about loss and romances that didn’t work out). Well, whatever songs make you happy!!!

2. Sing.

Of course, this topic would come next—as listening to your favorite songs naturally invites you to sing along. Do it—singing greatly releases stress. Sing in the car on your way to work, sing in the shower, and sing when you are doing the dishes, or walking down the road. Or you can just whistle the happy tune. Let your voice be heard—at least to yourself. In Carpenters’ lingo, “It doesn’t matter if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song.”

3. Meditate.

Are you more of a quiet type? Then this one is for you—but it’s for everyone. Just like anything, it can take some practice. A very simple meditation is as follows: lie down on a bed or sit quietly in a comfortable chair.  If you are lying down, place your hands on your abdomen, one above your navel and one below.  If you are sitting, place them gently on your lap. Palms down preferably, but some people prefer a typical meditative hand position, with palms facing upward and thumbs touching either the index or middle fingers.  Just do what’s comfortable for you—that’s the important part. Then just relax. Practice NOT thinking; let your mind quiet itself.  Breathe slowly and gently in and out (through the nose) and begin your next inhalation just as you finish exhaling—creating a slow, rhythmic cycle of in and out with no pause between. This quiet space between thoughts can lengthen with practice and become a place of exquisite peace and contentment.  You are teaching your body to relax—your mind will follow. Highly recommended to practice—it’s wonderful!

4. Read or Listen.

Books are amazing. Surround yourself with books you can read and probably the audio versions you can listen to (another great use for your iPod or mp3 players). Sometimes, it’s difficult to simply be thinking inspiring and raising thoughts—so let others do it for you.  Open up some of your favorite books or videos–imagine a hard copy of “The Secret” on your computer. How about the bible? If you’re a Christian, is the best book you can read anytime any day. Reading Old Testament stories and at the same time imagining with your mind's eyes—placing yourself in some of the situations in there. Sure most of the stories will inspire you and have some divine influence on you.

5. Holocreate.

Is your mind too busy to be quiet? It’s okay—it does improve with practice. If your mind insists on being active, use this time to Holocreate—to use holographic creation. It lets God know your desires far more effectively than simple visualization. One of the main differences is that with Holocreation, you understand that your thoughts are shaping the incipient matter around you—so what do you want to create?  Place yourself in your desired scenario with as much realism as you can muster. Remember when you would daydream in school and be startled back to “reality” when someone disturbed you? As children, we used to let ourselves become engrossed in what we were thinking about—living the moment within ourselves.  You’ve heard it before—become a little child again!

6. Clarify.

Are you feeling badly? Often it’s because you are sending a mixed signal to the subconscious mind—saying you want one thing, but continually thinking about something you don’t want (otherwise known as worrying!). So take a moment to clarify those thoughts. Grab a sheet of paper and take just a minute to write this down, “Don’t Want” and “Want” or “My Desires”.  If you are worrying, the “Don’t Want” side should be pretty easy to figure out.  Write down those things that are bothering you—just list them out. Next, look at those “Don’t Wants” again, and think of its opposite—if this is what you don’t want, then what is it you do want? For example: “My husband and I are not getting along” write what you want like “A loving, peaceful relationship” etc. Remember those things you are thinking about are included in the life you are creating.

7. Eye Patching.

It’s been proven that we have two sides to our brain, and they function in different ways. One side is the information-gatherer—the left side, always thinking, analyzing, and figuring. This side is more connected to your conscious, logical mind.  The other side—the right side—sees things differently, holistically, it’s interested in the bigger picture—and is much more connected to the wisdom of your subconscious mind. But we were divinely created to use both sides of our minds.  The left side does so well at asking because it is supposed to.  But in divine wisdom, we were also given the right side—the side created to answer, to know, through its storehouse of wisdom. Can you see how there would be a problem if you are constantly asking questions and not letting the person (or side of the brain, in this case) who can know and give the answers, get a word edgewise? This is where eye-patching comes in. Take an eye patch, available at any pharmacy, usually quite inexpensively—or if you want, just use your hand!—and cover your right eye.  Because of the crisscross the body does (the left brain controls the right side of the body), this will quiet your left side of the brain.  It interrupts that steady flow of input into your left brain and gives your right brain a chance to be at the reins.  Do this for 10-15 minutes, if you can. You will feel your mind begin to quiet, and a feeling of peace fills your heart.  See, the right brain knows everything will be alright.  It doesn’t care about the details—it just knows you are safe, loved, and learning. This quiets that busy, overactive left brain most of us have. For a few people, covering the left eye works better. Hope you won’t do this when you are driving or cutting vegetables or anything else that requires depth perception. So that’s it—pretty easy—but very powerful as well.

8. Exercise.

You can try tap dancing. Any form of exercise would be good. Taking a walk down the woods. Riding a bicycle. And any form of exercise you enjoy doing would do the magic. It would not only help you get over some of the worries that make you lonely but also it is healthy.

9. Touch.

My small children certainly know the value of this. Often any hurt or upset can be healed by a few minutes on Mommy’s lap. Our bodies love to be touched, to be held, to feel. Treat yourself to a snuggle with a loved one, or a massage from a Licensed Massage Therapist. Help your body to remember to relax, to feel good, to enjoy pleasure.  This helps your mind to do the same. Remember, our natural state is one of joy and contentment. We, humans, have just come up with too many ways to get in nature’s way and prevent feelings of peace and joy from naturally flowing to the surface. Take the time to care for yourself, to watch your vibration (feelings, moods). Make it a priority to do things for yourself that help you feel good. This places you in a powerful point of positive attraction and is the quickest way to create the life and circumstances you desire.

10. Go out.

You can take a walk. Go out and appreciate nature. The green vegetation, the sound of the birds singing and many natural things around you, would help a lot. If you are privileged to live closer to the ocean, it has a lot of sight attractions, take advantage of it. Attention to natural phenomena to little details we usually ignore; how plant get their food, how water evaporates and back as rain, the cause and movement of the wind, and many other natural occurrences. Before you know it, you will be feeling a lot better.


That is it, though there could be many other ways you can get over the feeling of loneliness. But it may still come down to choosing at this very moment to be happy. Choose happiness, be happy now and loneliness will flee!

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