Tips for international travelers


tips for international travelers

These are tips for international travelers i.e. an individual who travels across national boundaries to fulfill their professional duties etc. Those are things you should take note of before leaving, while on the journey, and even when you are already at your destination.

Before leaving

1. Make a list of important facts—passport information, credit card numbers, air ticket numbers, and details regarding traveler checks. Leave a copy at home, and carry another copy with you.

2. Ensure that you have an up-to-date passport and a valid visa; arrange for any immunization shots that may be required.

3. Ensure that you have adequate medical insurance since emergency treatment or transportation from overseas could cost thousands of dollars. If you have a medical condition, take a letter with you from your doctor that describes your condition and any medications you take. It may be illegal to take some medications into certain countries, check with the nearest embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit.

While traveling

1. Do not take any item with you cannot afford to lose.

2. Keep your passport and other valuables items close to your body, not in a carrying bag or exposed pockets. Do not have one family member carry all the documents.

3. If you carry your wallet in your pocket, wrapping rubber bands around it may make it more difficult for pickpockets to extract.

4. Keep track of credit card purchases, and do not exceed your budget. If you exceed the limit on your credit card, in some countries you could be arrested.

5. Be cautious of carrying photographs of military personnel or structures or industrial structures, such as harbor, rail, or airport facilities. Some countries may view this as a security threat.

6. Do not deliver packages to anyone you do not know well.

When buying souvenirs

1. Remember, many countries ban the importation of ivory, turtle shells, plants, fur, and other items, even if they are small souvenirs.

2. Be cautious of buying glazed ceramics, since some of such items may cause lead poisoning if not made correctly.


Other Tips:

1. Use a map.

Looking like a tourist isn’t as bad as getting really lost and ending up in the wrong neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to use a map or ask for directions and look like a tourist. After all, you are one! I always use a map when I travel. It helps you get to where you need to go!

2. Visit the local tourism office.

They know about everything going on in town. They can point you to free activities, special events happening during your stay, and everything in between. They even offer discounts on attractions and transportation. It is their job to help you experience the destination better. It’s amazing how many travelers skip this when they are visiting somewhere but, as a savvy traveler, you know how to use this resource! This is probably one of the most underused travel tips in the world. Use the tourism board! Save money!

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