8 Tips to Spot Emotional Manipulation...and how to Free Ourselves From It


Tips to Spot Emotional Manipulation

Human beings possess a powerful self-centered aspect called the ego, which, although not inherently real, often causes problems when left unchecked. The ego frequently employs manipulation as a preferred tool to achieve its desires, whether through physical or emotional means. It is crucial to recognize the signs of emotional manipulation in order to avoid future suffering.

Protecting ourselves from emotional manipulation enables us to reclaim our universal right to free will, liberating us from the violation it entails. Just as we can shift our consciousness away from the fear imposed by emotional manipulators, we can also transcend any debilitating mental state. 

The following list provides detailed signs to watch for in people attempting to manipulate others emotionally, as well as strategies to defend against their sinister tactics.

Identifying Emotional Manipulation:

1. Twisting statements against you: 

Emotional manipulators often feign honesty while masking their true intentions. For instance, if you express your anger at someone for forgetting your birthday, they might respond by pretending to feel sad and explaining the personal stress they are under. This elaborate apology may not feel genuine, and accepting it would mean succumbing to emotional blackmail. Trust your intuition and refuse to be emotionally manipulated.


2. Presenting as a helpful ally: 

Emotional manipulators often pose as willing helpers, offering assistance even when unasked. However, they may subtly express their unwillingness to help through sighs or other non-verbal cues. When confronted, they will attempt to guilt-trip you and make you feel unreasonable. To counter this, ignore their insincere gestures and clearly communicate your expectations.


3. Denying or distorting what they said: 

Emotional manipulators excel at justifying their actions, turning things against you, and rationalizing situations. They are skilled at deceit and can make you question your own memory and sanity. Keeping a record of their statements can help you confront their lies and provide definitive proof of their manipulation.


4. Guilt-tripping: 

Emotional manipulators are adept at making you feel guilty, regardless of your actions or emotions. They exploit guilt and sympathy to satisfy their own needs and desires. By playing the victim, they provoke your support and care, using indirect means to make you fulfill their requests. Clearly assert your boundaries and refuse to do their bidding.


5. Indirect behavior: 

Emotional manipulators often employ passive-aggressive tactics, such as talking behind your back or getting others to convey messages they won't say directly. They may undermine their supportive words with actions that contradict them. Addressing this behavior is challenging, and the best course of action may involve removing such individuals from your life.


6. Always having worse problems: 

Emotional manipulators continuously shift the focus onto themselves, claiming to have worse problems than you. They may accuse you of being selfish when you question their genuineness. Trust your intuition, recognize their self-centeredness, and disengage from their manipulative tactics.


7. Lowering the positive energy of others: 

Emotional manipulators with low consciousness can negatively impact the emotions of those around them. They drain the positive energy from others, causing them to exhaust themselves in an attempt to uplift the manipulator's mood. Avoid spending excessive time with such individuals to protect your own well-being.


8. Lack of accountability: 

Emotional manipulators avoid taking responsibility for their actions and instead blame others. They often establish intimacy by sharing personal information that evokes sympathy. Recognize this tactic early on and refuse to engage with their attempts to garner your attention.


Liberate Yourself:

Encountering an emotional manipulator is inevitable, but understanding their tactics and operating methods prepares us to resist being used for their egoistic desires. By raising awareness and educating others about emotional manipulation, we can collectively avoid falling into their traps. Let us spread awareness and together break free from their tricks, preventing a lifetime of pain.

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