20 Tips to Stay Young and Hot From Centenarian.


20 Tips to Stay Young and Hot From Centenarian.

1. Eat healthily and pay attention to your body closely

Take time to watch your figure very closely. Those that stay young and hot, do so regularly. If you don’t, no one else will do it for you. So to stay young and hot, eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and dress to feel and look good.

2. Avoid people who complain about aging.

Aging is inevitable, but complaining about it constantly, can be draining. Avoid people who complain about how old they feel always, instead surround yourself with positive people, people with child-like energy on the inside and the way they carry themselves.



3. Break that sweat every day or at least 3 times weekly.

The importance of exercise cannot be overemphasis. Walk for at least 30 minutes, dance to your favorite music or is it your favorite sport, swimming, golf, football, handball etc. Just do stuff that will break that sweat daily.


4. Traveling is part of education.

Not only will you learn new things when you go to new places, traveling is so refreshing, and it is known to add to the life of those who stay young and hot. So whenever you are able, travel the world, and see fabulous and exotic places.


5. Plan new adventures regularly.

By so doing, it will always give you something to look forward to. Those that stay young and hot, are always enthusiastic about the future because they have something exciting coming up - sooner or later.


6. Be fun and yeeah……have fun sometimes.

Is it going out for dinner at a very expensive restaurant, wearing extravagant and sexy or eating some chocolate? Variety is the spice of life. This could make you feel happy and young. You can’t afford to be all too serious every time.


7. Is all about moderation daily.

Whether you are eating, drinking, or whatever you are doing, do it in moderation.  To stay fit and young, little alcohol without getting drunk from it can lighten up some moments.


8. Flirt with Men and Women but pick friends carefully.

People around you can be a source of stress and anxiety. You can flirt with life, smile at the idea of buying a new shoe, smile at a stranger, and choose your close friends carefully.


9. Hang out and keep friends with people that lift you up.

Hang out with lively, interesting, and fun people.  Stay away from negative pessimistic people. This could be a bit difficult, especially if these are people close to you. But hey….this is your life, live intentionally.


10. Be happy.

Don’t wait for a certain thing to be happy. Be happy now. Read that again. Now is all you got. Do things you didn’t plan.  Go on an unexpected trip.


11. Don’t feel bad yourself.

If you want to live young and hot, the last thing you should do is worry about yourself. Complaining is a waste of time and it could be boring to other people. Don’t do it.


12. Take time to take care of yourself and your looks.

From the food you eat to the cloth you wear and your fragrance should show that you love life itself. All these have a way of making you happier and gives you a feel-good outlook.


13. Indulgence yourself frequently in delightful little things, especially if they seem excessive and lighthearted.

This will remind you that you are wonderful and when you feel wonderful, you just feel better. You can often frequent special bookstores and could also go shopping for shoes and hats on cold winter days.


14. On no occasion say or think that you are too old to do anything.

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy; you are only as old as you make up your mind to be. Volunteer to do anything that seemed lively.


15. Don't care too much about what others tell you.  Live the way that you envision your real age to be.

If you feel 18, keep that vigor and you will feel like a teenager for as long as you are eager.


16. Say daily affirmations.

Tell yourself how strong and beautiful you are. Do this daily, could be in front of the mirror, or you can even sing as a song.


17. Read a book on history.

Some past stories can be inspiring.  It might give you a perception of how good life has been to you and how well you doing right now.


18. Do away with Negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts will surely come, deliberately do away with them. You can watch funny movies, read humorous anecdotes, etc.


19. Always be ready to meet someone special.

Whatever gender you are, actively participate in the land of the living. Get involved. Get out of bed, take a warm bath, and dress up as if you want to meet the President of your country. As we get older, we tend to live in isolation. Loneliness might creep in and No! That is not what these tips are about.  Deliberately be active.


20. Learn from Children. They have a great lesson on being happy.

Children know how to be carefree. They tend to forgive and forget easily. It is one attribute we adults tend to outgrow. So to regain this attribute which is vital to living a happy, young and longer life, enjoy the company of children and seek more of it.


There you have it, 20 tips to stay young and hot. 


So in summary, 

-Eat healthy foods. 

-Reading up on nutrition is not a bad idea.  

-Avoid people that complain about just anything including aging. 

-Sweat it out! Exercise at least about three times a week. 

-Seize every opportunity to travel. 

-Do stuff in moderation, as too much of anything could be detrimental to your overall health. 

-Be happy now because now is all you’ve got. Don’t wait till tomorrow, till you buy a car, till you buy that house. 

-And have a positive outlook on life while surrounding yourself with like-minds.

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