15 Things Your Waxer Wishes She Could Tell You


15 Things Your Waxer Wishes She Could Tell You

As a seasoned Brazilian waxer with 14 years of experience, I've witnessed a remarkable shift in the perception of Brazilian waxes. Once limited to strippers, dancers, and porn stars, they have now become a mainstream practice embraced by a diverse range of individuals, from your younger sibling to your 60-year-old neighbor.

Despite the widespread acceptance of Brazilian waxes, many people who seek our services or consider doing so are surprisingly uninformed. If you find yourself in that category, fear not, because I've got your back. Prepare to become an expert and earn the highest marks from your aesthetician.


1. Leave it to the professionals.

I understand that your best friend may have a wax kit, and you've been helping each other with armpit waxes for years. However, trust me when I say that a Brazilian wax is an entirely different ball game. And if a Brazilian wax goes awry? Well, let's just say that dealing with a temporarily sealed anus is the simplest of potential complications.


2. Trim before your appointment.

Your pubic hair should be long enough for waxing (about a quarter of an inch), but excessively long hair can become tangled and painful. If we have to spend time trimming it for you, you may discover why our pricing includes the phrase "and up." Use a beard trimmer to tidy things up before you lie down on the table.


3. Rest assured, it's not strange or repulsive to us.

I promise you, we waxing professionals do not find it weird or gross. We can maintain eye contact with you, even if we know you personally.


4. Those baby wipes in the room are for your convenience.

Feel free to freshen up using the provided wipes. It will enhance the experience for everyone involved.


5. Your medical history and current medications are crucial.

Certain conditions, medications, and supplements can make waxing unsafe or riskier due to thinning skin, easy bruising or bleeding, heat sensitivity, or other relevant side effects. Nothing is more horrifying than accidentally waxing off someone's skin because they failed to mention they're taking Accutane. We genuinely want to avoid causing harm or trauma, so please be forthcoming with any information. Even if you think it's irrelevant, it's better to be safe than sorry.


6. Your body is normal and so are you.

The only genitals that aren't "normal" are the surgically enhanced ones seen in pornography or belonging to their respective partners. Many individuals worry that their genitals are somehow inadequate, but let me assure you, they're not. Yours is just as unique and normal as anyone else's. Genitals come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Throughout my career, I've encountered hundreds of sets, and I have yet to see one that alarmed me. Trust me when I say you have nothing to worry about.


7. We've seen it all.

No matter what you may find embarrassing, rest assured that we have encountered it before. When it comes to matters of the body, it's nearly impossible to shock us.


8. We love answering your questions.

Our expertise extends beyond waxing. Many of us possess a wide range of knowledge, including skincare treatments, lasers, skin physiology, product chemistry, and anatomy. Don't hesitate to ask us questions because we're here to help.


9. Nature calls sometimes.

Farts and queefs may make an appearance while you're getting waxed. If your vagina decides to serenade us with a spontaneous tune, let's all share a laugh and move on. It's the least awkward way to handle the situation.


10. Prepare to assume different positions.

Aestheticians have various techniques, and while you may not always need to, be prepared to assume the position that best facilitates the waxing process.


11. Please avoid sexual activity before your appointment.

Seriously, just don't do it. Engaging in sexual activity right before your waxing session is a surefire way to end up on our "never book again" list.


12. Your ass crack has hair, so let's not make it awkward by denying it.

If you choose not to wax that area, that's perfectly fine. However, when your aesthetician asks if you want it waxed, understand that she's not asking for her personal pleasure. A simple yes or no will suffice.


13. Wait until after your period to get waxed.

During PMS or menstruation, you tend to be more sensitive to pain. There's no need to make the experience more uncomfortable for yourself.


14. Male Brazilian waxes require specialized training.

Not all aestheticians offer this service, so if you're interested, inquire about it before booking your appointment. The last thing you want is for your delicate areas to be treated as an experimental territory because someone felt guilty turning you away.


15. We genuinely appreciate your trust.

We understand that putting yourself in such a vulnerable position requires a great deal of trust. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to honor that trust. Just like what happens in Vegas, what occurs during your waxing session stays between us.


So, take these insights to heart and rest assured that you're in capable hands. Your experience with Brazilian waxing will be smooth, comfortable, and professional.

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