10 Tips on how to get people to like you within seconds

how to get people to like you within seconds

Unlock the secrets of getting people to like you within seconds! In a world where first impressions matter, discovering how to make people like you within seconds is a game-changer. Learn the art of positive body language, genuine compliments, and active listening. This quick tip unveils practical tips to radiate warmth, connect authentically, and leave a lasting impression. From confident introductions to relatable conversations, these insights will empower you to build rapport effortlessly. Dive into the science of charm and transform your social interactions, mastering the skills to create instant connections and likability that lasts. Elevate your social presence with this concise guide!

Being clear on the inside means being able to relax and be genuine. Do your inner work before applying these tips! People can smell a fake a mile off.

1. Smile.

The act of smiling with your whole being can improve your mood and certainly improve your body language.  There is a big difference between just smiling with your lips and smiling with your whole body.  Practice this in the mirror a few times; you will quickly see what this means. So smile!

2. Exude Confidence!

What does this mean?  People are attracted to other people who seem confident and together. No one enjoys being around someone who appears needy and clingy. If you are feeling needy and clingy, AVOID being in a situation where you will be with or meet people who you want to trust and like. They will run like a scared rabbit from you! Why? Because the needy energy is very strong, even the most left-brained person can smell it miles away. Can’t you?

3. Breathe.

This is probably more advanced. When meeting someone for the first time we tend to hold our breath.  This translates in the body language to being tense.  No one feels comfortable around someone tense, so take several deep breaths before meeting someone for the first time.  This is also helpful when meeting anyone you feel nervous about.  Statistics show that it is impossible to panic and take slow breaths at the same time.  So, do yourself and your lungs a big favor and breathe!

4. Make eye contact.

You know yourself, that when you meet someone and they won’t look you in the eye, it sends off an automatic red flag signal.  So, turn this around to your benefit, and look people in the eye. Don’t stare and make them feel uncomfortable - simply gaze into their eyes briefly now and then. Because most people believe that the eyes are the windows of your soul, you are in essence offering your own “windows of the soul.” This makes a big statement that you’ve nothing to hide. Study shows the power of “eye gazing,” as related to falling in love.  In this study, people of the opposite sex simply gazed into each other’s eyes for a few moments and that was enough to produce passionate feelings for each other! Of course, you want to be careful in what situations you use this; anyway, why not get those eyeballs working for you?

5. Open your arms.

By opening your arms, you expose your heart. There is no more vulnerable position to be in. By opening your arms and exposing your heart, you truly show that no one has anything to fear from your presence. When you’re speaking in front of a group, use this gesture, and people will instantly like and trust you. This doesn’t always have to be a big, grand gesture - keep it simple.  Once again, practice in front of the mirror.  You will know when it feels right. This can also be applied when you meet just one person, as well. Simply make the movement smaller - you will still convey the same message of trust.

6. Point your heart at the person or group you’re with.

This works well in one-on-one contact and you can also use it in a group setting.  You have already opened your arms to expose your heart. Now, point your heart towards the person you’re speaking to. If you’re speaking to a large group, make sure you turn your body from side to side so that you point your heart to every single person in place.  In essence, what you’re saying is, “I open my heart to you.” Everybody loves the one with an open heart!

7. Move like a young person.

Society still equates love with youth, so take advantage of this.  It doesn’t matter if you’re young or not - pretend like you are, and move your body in a young way. Practice! Walk with a youthful bounce in your walk in front of the mirror.  You will be surprised at how young you feel when you permit yourself to move like a young person.  So try it!

8. Appreciate Them!

In other words, compliment them. In your mind, find something about them to appreciate. It might be their clothes, the way they stand, their smile, the light in their eyes, or anything! Just find something to genuinely appreciate.  Now bring that thing that you appreciate down into your heart center, and allow your energy and body language to reflect this.  Believe it, people will read the appreciation in your eyes, and they will like you instantly!

9. Ask personal questions.

Questions like, “So tell me about you?”  These words are irresistible.  Most people do like to talk about themselves - and most people never get to. Give them the chance to talk about themselves, and they will like and trust you instantly.  Now, it’s really important to resist the temptation to start talking about you - just let them talk.  After they like and trust you, and you have made a new friend, there will be plenty of time to talk about yourself. There’s an extra added goodie you get by listening, too: allowing them to talk about themselves, gives you the space to decide how close you want to become with this person. Learn how to use these important, supportive phrases too, “Hmmmmm,” “Tell me more,” etc.

10. Validate!

Validation is something that every human being on earth CRAVES! None of us ever get enough of this, and we go through our lives never feeling validated. Most marriages fail because there is plenty of love - but no validation. Humans need to be validated. If you want someone to like and trust you, or love and adore you, take every opportunity to validate what they’re saying. Take every opportunity to validate anything you can about them; and take every opportunity to validate aspects of their personality. Just think of a time when someone validated parts of you - remember how it made you feel?  You, yourself will feel like a million because you have the power to validate someone else.  It will generate all kinds of wonderful energy and feelings.  And remember: The law of attraction says, “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” Whatever you want for yourself, BE THAT to others. It will come right back to you and you will LOVE YOUR LIFE! By following these guidelines to make people like and trust you instantly, you will attract - and be attracted to - more trust and love in your own life.



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