Tips on how to deal with Acne, also known as pimples.


how to deal with Acne, also known as pimples.

Here we share with you tips on how to deal with Acne also known as pimples, a disorder of the skin that is caused by inflammation of skin glands and hair follicles.

People of all ages can be afflicted with this, but teenagers suffer the most (may be due to growing up and with the onset of puberty, skin glands increase their activity). According to some experts, about 80 percent of teenagers develop acne to varying degrees.

How they are formed?

The World Book Encyclopedia explains in simple terms: Each gland empties into a hair follicle—that is, the little bag surrounding hair. Normally, the oil would drain out through the pores of the skin, but sometimes a pore gets clogged and the oil cannot get out quickly enough. The pore forms a blemish called a blackhead because the trapped oil oxidizes, dries, and turns black. A pimple develops when pus forms. Cysts are formed by germ-breed in the backed-up oil.


Some likely causes include: Tension and emotional upsets can activate the skin glands. Some experience the blossoming of a large pimple just before an important event during exams and possibly during heartbreaks.


Sad to say, no miracle cure exists. However, there are over-the-counter medications available, such as gels, creams, lotions, washes, soap and facial masks, containing benzoyl peroxide (an antibacterial agent) that can help bring acne under control.

Useful tips:

1. Many find that cleansing their skin thoroughly with a soap or wash containing benzoyl peroxide is helpful. However, avoid oily soaps or oil-based cosmetics.

2. Take care of your overall health like getting moderate exercise, being out in the fresh air as much as possible, and getting enough sleep to improve skin condition.

3. Avoid junk foods. Eat a balanced diet. Stick to your treatment over a period. Patience is necessary. Remember the build-up occurs over quite a period, so will not clear up overnight.

4. Don’t touch your face with dirty hands; ensure you wash your hands before doing so.

5. Ensure you don’t go to bed with makeup on your face, wash them off with mild soup before sleeping.

6. Don’t pick the pimples. However, there are varying opinions on this, because some do encourage removing or picking the ones that develop pus (yellowish spot) and the blackheads to avoid black spots. However, don’t go as far as squeezing your nose; as a matter of fact, leave your nose alone to avoid the big ones developing later.

7. Use mild soap or soap design for acne, to wash your face at least twice daily, especially before retiring to bed.

8. Do not be so harsh on your skin. Mind the kind of sponge you use to scrub your skin especially your face; you might be exposing it to more outside influences.

9. Eat a lot of fruit, especially carrots, it has a high content of vitamin A which is known to be very effective in dealing with acne.

10. If you opt to wear a mask, go for the ones with honey content, it contains some natural antibacterial properties that help in fighting skin problems.

Meanwhile, do not let a few blemishes crush your self-esteem or inhibit your talking with others. While you may feel quite self-conscious about your skin, others probably notice it a lot less than you think. So try to keep a positive, happy spirit.

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